Business Check Cards

Get more freedom, peace of mind and control in running your business. Discover the edge that you get with the Colorado Business Bank Business Check Card, and you'll realize there's no better way to do business.

Paying with your card is faster than writing a check and makes it easier to track expenses compared to using cash. Plus, your card offers key enhancements designed especially for business owners and backed by Visa®. Visit for additional benefits.

Take control with the security, reliability and convenience of your Business Check Card, which makes it easier to manage your business finances. Your card is accepted practically anywhere you do business: online, over the phone and especially at places that don't accept checks.

Visa® Extras Rewards
  • Visa Extras is an exciting opportunity to earn points toward both large and small rewards.
  • Earn Value
    • Receive one point for every dollar you spend for the first $4,000 in one year
    • Receive two points for every dollar spent above $4,000 for the remainder of the year
  • Resets back to one point for each dollar spent each anniversary date
  • Points expire 36 months from the date on which they are posted

If you haven't enrolled, why not? It's free!

Enroll, check your balance and redeem your points at, or call 800.960.8472.

To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1.800.264.5578.

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