Consumer Credit Cards

Colorado Business Bank offers specialized credit cards that allow you to enjoy great benefits with no annual fee if you use the card at least once a year.


This card offers competitive rates, expanded purchasing power, the richest rewards, exclusive Visa Signature privileges and elite Cardmember Service.

Product Features

  • A premier rewards card
  • Unlimited 1% cash back
  • Redeem for travel on any airline without frequent flyer program restrictions
  • No Preset Spending Limit *
  • Exclusive Signature privileges
Rewards Program
  • 1% unlimited cash back
  • Earn one point for every net dollar spent
  • Roundtrip airline ticket at 25,000 points
  • The richest travel, gift certificates, and merchandise rewards
  • Choose Your Own Rewards – redeem reward points for any card purchase
  • Redeem reward points by calling the Rewards Center at 1-888-229-8864 or by going online to after Online Account Access is set up.
Cardmember Benefits
With the Visa Signature Card, you receive exclusive features and benefits not offered with other credit cards. For more information about these features and benefits, call Cardmember Service at 1-866-234-4691.

* The Visa Signature Card "no preset spending limit" means that individual transactions are authorized by Elan Financial Services based on factors such as account history, credit record, and payment resources. Elan Financial Services will preset an upper limit for revolving balances and cash advances.

Visa® Platinum Card

Choose the convenience and flexibility of the Visa Platinum Card – a perfect accompaniment to your checking account in managing your finances.

Product Features

  • Flexible purchasing power
  • Convenience of a credit card
  • Simplicity of a traditional card Cardmember Benefits
    With a Visa credit card, you receive many important benefits. See Consumer Card Features and Benefits for a complete listing of all card benefits, or call 1-800-558-3424.


    These cards are ideal for the first-time cardholder to learn responsible payment habits and establish a strong credit foundation. COLLEGE REWARDS VISA® is for that college student with limited credit history. It allows you to establish a solid credit history while earning valuable rewards. The CO-SIGNER VISA® which requires a cosigner is ideal for individuals 18 or older. The SECURED VISA®, is secured with a security deposit, is ideal for individuals who believe they may not qualify for other Visa cards or who need to re-establish their credit history.

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