Account Reconcilliation Program

Our Account Reconciliation Program (ARP) is designed to automate and expedite account reconciliation. It enables you to review statements more often and more efficiently, saving the expense and time of manually reconciling checks and deposits. Accuracy is also improved, reducing the risk of paying unauthorized checks.

We offer several different types of ARP services:

  • Partial ARP automates your in-house reconciliation process by eliminating manual input of cleared items into the accounting system.
  • Depository ARP expedites the reconciliation of deposits coming from multiple locations by reporting deposits by location in chronological order.
  • Full ARP gives you a report of all issued and cleared items during a statement cycle.
  • Positive Pay is a daily reconciliation by the bank used to detect fraudulent items presented for payment on your account.
  • Reverse Positive Pay is a daily reconciliation by the client used to detect fraudulent items.
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