Does your company write a lot of checks? Is storage an issue? Do you need to research and quickly provide check copies to others? Do you spend too much time responding to auditors' requests for documentation?

If any of these questions hits home, then CD-ROM Imaging is for you. This service provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to paper storage or microfilm. Images are now legally acceptable in lieu of original paper documents.

CD-ROM storage provides you with convenient access to images of paid checks, deposit tickets and bank statements. Requiring only a standard PC with a CD-ROM drive, our service can reduce your costs associated with check storage and improve your customer service and research capabilities.

  • Your CD-ROM will contain scanned images of deposit tickets, checks and bank statements.
  • Images can be enlarged for easy viewing or you can zoom in on specific areas.
  • Both the front and back of a paid check are imaged.
  • You can search for transactions by check number or amount.
  • Each CD-ROM can hold up to 20,000 check images.
  • Multiple accounts can be stored on a single CD at no additional cost.
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