Electronic Collections / ACH

Electronic payments can reduce the cost of disbursements and collections, decrease the risk of internal and external fraud on a checking account, save time on account reconciliation, and improve cash flow forecasting. We'll provide a browser-based ACH (Automated Clearing House) software application that will facilitate the initiation of your payments.

In addition to the familiar direct deposit service, we offer other types of business payments:

  • Vendor payment: Payments to business partners can be sent in several formats to accommodate invoice or other remittance information.
  • Cash concentration: Businesses can electronically debit their own accounts at other banks and concentrate those funds into their main accounts.
  • Tax payments: The federal government and most state governments will accept a variety of tax payments electronically.

Your business can also use the ACH system to collect funds:

  • Cash concentration can be set up for pre-authorized transfers from client accounts.
  • Consumer accounts can be debited for recurring payments.

ACH Returns and NOC's are available online via Pathway's Bank Reports.

We offer a full suite of ACH applications for all your payment and disbursement needs.

Incoming Wires

Detailed information on incoming wire transfers is available on the PATHWAYS system. Email alerts are also available for notification of when an incoming wire has posted to an account.

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