Electronic Payments / ACH

Electronic payments can reduce the cost of disbursements and collections, decrease the risk of internal and external fraud on a checking account, save time on account reconciliation, and improve cash flow forecasting. We'll provide a browser-based ACH (Automated Clearing House) software application that will facilitate the initiation of your payments.

In addition to the familiar direct deposit service, we offer other types of business payments:

  • Vendor payment: Payments to business partners can be sent in several formats to accommodate invoice or other remittance information.
  • Cash concentration: Businesses can electronically debit their own accounts at other banks and concentrate those funds into their main accounts.
  • Tax payments: The federal government and most state governments will accept a variety of tax payments electronically.

Your business can also use the ACH system to collect funds:

  • Cash concentration can be set up for pre-authorized transfers from client accounts.
  • Consumer accounts can be debited for recurring payments.

ACH Returns and NOC's are available online via Pathway's Bank Reports.

We offer a full suite of ACH applications for all your payment and disbursement needs.


With online Wire Transfers, you can enjoy the convenience of processing a same-day and future-dated domestic and foreign wire. Initiating wires online allows you to process your payments more efficiently with the ability to monitor payment history. The PATHWAYS system offers you:
  • Multiple levels of security. Limit user access by transaction amount and payment type with a separate user for approvals.
  • The ability to create templates with pre-determined instructions or use a freeform template.
  • The capacity to send wires in US dollars or foreign currencies.
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