Fraud Controls

Check fraud can happen to anyone at any time, so prevention and vigilance are the keys to keeping your accounts safe. That's why we use state-of-the-art technology and good old-fashioned customer service to combat check fraud and protect your accounts from loss.

Our high-tech software monitors your accounts for fraudulent activity. Our software uses a "normal activity profile" based on the historical use of the account, and our security department investigates any transactions that don't fit your normal profile. If necessary, we'll contact you to verify the transaction's authenticity. In many cases, fraudulent activity is detected before you or the bank has any actual loss. We also offer additional security solutions:

Positive Pay
Each day, you'll prepare a file of all approved items that can be drawn against your account. When items are presented at the bank for payment, we'll compare that item to your approved-item file. Those that are on the list will be paid. Should a questionable item be presented, you'll have the ability to view the item online and either process the item for payment or return the item as fraudulent.

Reverse Positive Pay
The same benefits you'll have with Positive Pay are available to customers who are unable send an electronic file. All checks coming in for payment are subject to your approval through our online Positive Pay system. With this product, you'll be able to pay/return checks one-by-one.

Check Blocks
Prevent paper checks from posting to an account that is only set up as a depository account or an electronic funds transfer account.

ACH Blocks
Blocks prevent any electronic funds transfer transactions from posting to an account that is set up to issue only paper checks.

ACH Filters
Filters permit only pre-determined and pre-authorized electronic funds transfers to post to an account.

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